New Energy

New energy industry in Wuqing Development Area has great potential for development. There are at present 6 enterprises of this industry, accounting for 1.5 % of total industry quantities in the Area. Represented by LM and Yongtangqin Energy, new energy industry enjoys total investment of RMB 227 million Yuan and the registered capital of RMB 104 million Yuan. In 2009, the industry realized sales revenues of RMB 490 million Yuan, GNP was RMB 110 million Yuan, and the tax payment was RMB 30 million Yuan.

Key enterprises: 
    1. LM Glassfiber (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
    2. Zero-Max Wind Turbine Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
    3. Rool (Tianjin) Steel-parts Co., Ltd.
    4. Tianjin Yongtangqin Energy Investment Co., Ltd.