As bio-medicine industry in Wuqing Development Area develops rapidly, there are at present 17 enterprises of this industry, accounting for 4.3% of total industry quantities in the Area. Represented by Tiens, Chasesun and Cinorch, bio-medicine industry enjoys total investment of RMB 716 million Yuan and the registered capital of RMB 559 million Yuan. In 2009, the industry realized sales revenues of RMB 6.231 billion Yuan, with the amount rising by 66.97%; GNP was RMB 870 million Yuan, with the amount rising by 25.08%; and the tax payment was RMB 470 million Yuan, with the amount rising by 4.82%.

Key enterprises:

    1. Tiens Group Corporation
    2. Tianjin Chasesun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
    3. Tianjin Puguang Medical Material Co., Ltd.
    4. Tianjin Hezhi Medicine Co., Ltd.
    5. Tianjin Cinorch Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.