Make Government Affairs Open and Transparent

In accordance with requirements of CPC Central Committee and the State Council, Wuqing Development Area Government, relevant function departments & offices, and administrative departments and organizations, have been keeping government affairs open and transparent, and  have accumulated some helpful experience, thus have made great achievements for all these years.

The Development Area Government deeply realizes that we must make government affairs open and transparent to practice the "Three Represents" Thought, the Scientific Development View and Party serves for people; to improve Party ability and standard of governance; to ensure the democratic rights of the people, develop socialist democracy and build socialist political civilization. That is also the basic principle to stick to managing state affairs according to law, and the important part to implement Outline for Promoting Law-based Administration in an All-round Way, and build a clean and diligent, pragmatic and efficient government; based on the reality to improve and perfect the socialist market economic system, build a harmonious society and construct a moderately prosperous society in all respects; to enhance restriction and supervision on power and adhere to the punishment-prevention system, which emphasizes education, principle and supervision at the same time, in order to prevent and cure corruption from the source.

In order to make government affairs open further, advance transparency of government information, promote open and transparent administration power operation and build sound environment with leading, scientific and good & fast development, the Development Area is committed to build long-term mechanism of open government information, enhance leadership and conduct careful organization and implementation to make government affairs open as a conscious awareness and behavior.