CenTech Specialty Vehicles Co., Ltd.

This company is a Sino-US joint venture, established in May 2001 by Zhonghui Guohua Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and Beijing Hongshi Tongda Business Group as the Chinese side, and United States Andecy International Trade Co., Ltd. as foreign side, covering an area of 275.81 mus (184,000 square meters) and total construction area of 79,000 square meters, with the total investment of RMB 490 million Yuan and registered capital of RMB 196 million Yuan. It is Asia's largest touring car manufacturer with multiple production lines in luxury business cars, touring cars and special vehicles. Its main products include cars for special purposes such as touring cars, mobile homes, touring semi-trailers, tent trailers, luxury business cars, limousines, broadcast television trucks, mobile monitoring vehicles, mobile clinic cars, vehicles, military cabin, armored personnel carriers, special military vehicles, communication command vehicles, blasting-equipment transportation vehicles and other special vehicles. In 2009, the company realized the sales revenue of RMB 101.728 million Yuan and the tax payment of RMB 10.1506 million Yuan.