Venture Headquarter Base

The Secretary Mr Yuan inscribed for the Venture Headquarter Base 

The base of pioneering headquarters is the planned constructing key service project of Wuqing area, which is aimed at creating greatest benefit through least resource, improving the functional environment of Wuqing development area, and promoting the industrial restructuring and update of Wuqing development area by importing new industry of originality and cartoon, the headquarters research and development center and business settle accounts center of large enterprise groups.

Basic information: it plans to take 1.26 sq km, 1.2 million m2, and 6 billion RMB total investments. It mainly develops the modern service industry and headquarters economy of culture originality, cartoon game, service outsourcing, finance and research and development hatch etc. it has been started in 2009 and now it is basically completed. It will make over 10 billion RMB area gross value of production and over 3 billion RMB revenue each year after the completion.

The development and construction: the infrastructure and afforest landscape engineering have been complete. 6 areas will be constructed in plan, and the completed service outsourcing area (160, 000 m2 area of structure) and expert apartment area (270,000 m2); the constructing business hotel area (180,000 m2), enterprise headquarters area (320,000 m2), center service area (70,000 m2) and comprehensive office area (200,000 m2).

Canvass business orders and attract capital: over 60 creative industry and headquarters economy projects have been imported, which the total investment is about a hundred million. There are mainly China Jianyin Investment Securities Company, Yuguiyuan five stars hotel, Blue Cat Cartoon Media, global marketing center and finance lease company of Yuchai Heavy Industry etc.