Urgent notice about the prevention and treatment of winter air pollution

Enterprises in the area:

The current mission is extremely heavy,wu qing prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in order to further implement the district party committee government related conference spirit,to improve the air quality,appearance,safeguard people's health to the greatest extent,create a good living environment,now requires each enterprise strictly implement the following measures:

The burning of straw,leaves and garbage shall be strictly prohibited.

In the case of the exposed surface of the compound and the dust of hardened surface of the road,it is easy to produce dust such as bare land,material heaps and so on.

To strictly control the discharge of industrial sources of pollution,and strictly prohibit the theft of discharge and excessive discharge.

4,make sure the factory environment clean and no dead Angle,cleaning the garbage,remove weeds and goods neat,thorough governance ChangRong ChangMao,improve the environment condition,optimize the environment of the factory.

A special inspection team was set up in the development zone to inspect the prevention and control of air pollution in 24 hours.At the same time,city,district authorities set up some examine AnFangZu,on the city environment,emissions and other aspects of the enterprise to conduct a comprehensive inspection,once found irregularities direct exposure.The administrative law enforcement authorities of the city and district will further follow up the law enforcement,and they will be given a heavier punishment for the illegal ACTS committed by the enterprises.

Look at the enterprise high importance!

The head office of wuhan new technology industrial park,wuqing development zone

On November 8,2016