Notice of the meeting of the personnel of wuqing development zone and the seminar on science and technology policy

Enterprises in the area:

In order to further promote our talent and science and technology policy,according to wu qing talent work leading group office arrangement,is scheduled for December 7,2016(Wednesday)at 9 am in wu qing talent,science and technology corporation fifth floor meeting room policy announcement,the agenda is as follows:

(1)the district personnel office shall introduce the policy for the reward of talents and the approval process for the declaration and approval;

(2)the district labor and social security bureau introduces the introduction of personnel and recruitment of talents,etc.

The commission introduces science and technology support policies.

Please be sure that the personnel manager or relevant personnel of the enterprise should attend the meeting on time.

Contact:xu ning

Contact phone number:82170913

The head office of wuqing development zone

On December 2,2016