Information about the 2016 torch count

The high-tech enterprises of the development zone:

According to the tianjin science and technology commission of 2016 torch survey work notice requirements,are required to fill in the torch development zone national high and new technology enterprise statistics(national high list see the attachment),now the related matters notice is as follows:

First,the report is filled in

1.The statistics bulletin

All new and high technology enterprises must complete the online fill in the online newspaper by January 10,2017.

The statistics express address:

2.Statistical yearbook

All new and high technology enterprises must complete the online filling and submit the application for examination and approval by feb 28,2017.Annual revenue of more than 200 million yuan of high and new technology enterprise must fill in information system and through the area KeQi do after review,print paper statements affix the seal of the unit,KeQi submitted before March 5,2017 district office.

Report the annual report:

The high and new technology enterprise statistics letters and statistics annual report users called ab and organization code number or social credit code 9 to 17(such as:ab123456788),your user name and password are the same.Please change your password to prevent leakage of enterprise information.

Second,job requirement

Statistics of the torch is promoting the industrialization of high and new technology of an important basic work,the relevant units should attach great importance to,provided good organization and coordination of this unit of work,ensure the district 2016 torch survey work is completed.At the same time,according to the ministry of finance issued by the state administration of taxation on revision of<the recognition of hi-tech enterprises management approach>notification"(the goat[2016]no.32),the cumulative development two years did not fill in the annual report of state-level high-tech enterprises,identified by the agency to cancel the qualification of high and new technology enterprise,the enterprise all the consequences caused by the responsibility.

The 2016 tianjin torch statistics survey was carried out by the tianjin institute of science and technology statistics and development research center.The statistical investigation of the torch in our district is carried out by the specific organizations of the regional science enterprises.

Third,contact information

Office address:room 419 of government C building in wuhan,tianjin

Contact:Li Yangzi ZhenQianNan Single廼bin

Contact phone:82966320 82138876

The torch statistics QQ group:139672867

Consultation:li jie 82103020,head of the technology service department of the development zone

Liu Bao 82166872