Information about the requirements for foreign scientific and technological cooperation in our city

Development zones:

"2017 China international fair for tianjin overseas and ethnic Chinese entrepreneurship development and world QiaoShang projects and products expo"(hereinafter referred to as"China expo")will be held in June 13 to 16,2017 held in our city.City science and technology commission issued a"about collecting the zhuhai foreign science and technology cooperation demand notice,in accordance with the notice requirements on April 10,please collect information and feedback the project requirements in the first round within their respective jurisdictions,before 25 April,summary and feedback the final project demand information within their respective jurisdictions.The requirements information electronic version is sent to the technology service address:kejifuwu3020

Please the collection enterprise attaches great importance to the project requirements,strive to promote the city science and technology enterprises establish cooperation relationship with overseas,contributed to a number of cooperation projects docking ground,build and build long-term cooperation mechanism.