2015 "UDA" Start-up Competition

We are seeking people who can be an entrepreneurial hero. Any elected Competition contestants will win:

Incubation startup bonus

Free incubation service offered in the US

Free field trip to China parks

One package service offered in parks where Competition projects can be operated and capital

Angel investment provided by organizations

Any passionate people who are interested in watching the Competition are warmly welcomed. Free Entry!

The 2015 “UDA” Start-up Competition sponsored by Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Tianjin Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, Tianjin Wuqing District Government, organized by Tianjin Wuqing Development Area (UDA), Bridge Tech and Capital Corp (BTCC Incubator LLC.), and supported by the US science and technology community, CASTUSA, CUAA-NA, Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York, Peking University Alumni Association of Greater New York, Zhejiang University Alumni Association of Greater New York, Tianjin University Alumni Association of Greater New York will be held on Sunday, June 21, 2015 in Hilton hotel, Newark, NJ.

For the need of transformation and upgrading of China's relevant industries and government emphasis on technological innovation, Tianjin Wuqing Development Area (UDA) together with BTCC will host a large-scale technological entrepreneurship competition. The purpose of the contest is to assist the US high-tech entrepreneurs and capital markets to match. Also bringing their projects to China, especially professionals and high-tech industrialization projects. The contest is a non-commercial technology entrepreneurial activity, hoping to transfer theories to industries and provide an initial support to enter Chinese market.

Projects from whatever field are welcomed, for instantce, high-tech equipment manufacturing, biomedical, new materials, new energy and electronic devices. The final winner will receive financial support and advanced conditions to settle down in China.

If you have an independent intellectual property patent or high value-added business projects, please join us! BTCC will start to build an open platform for the high-tech talent in the United to communicate.

1. Agenda

Date: 6/21/2015

Address: Hilton Newark Airport, NJ

1:00-1:30 Registrations

1:30-1:45 Opening Ceremony

1:45-2:00 Welcome Remarks

2:00-2:15 Break

2:15-3:45 Business Plan Presentation

3:45-4:15 Q&A (Audience and Contestants)

4:15-4:45 Q&A (Audience and Judges, Investors)

4:45-5:10 Awarding Ceremony

6:00 Dinner

2. Award

1. Incubation Reward: First prize $ 2,000, second prize $ 1,000, and third prize $ 500.

2. Have the chance to visit Wuqing High Tech Park for free.

3. Gain the high tech park supporting policies, project registration, and free office space.

4. BTCCI domestic subsidiaries will provide incubation services; help you build your own business.

5. The high tech park will give you financial support.

3. Sign Up

Please send your business plan to: contact@btccus.com

Project Manager: James Yang


4. Judges, Investors

• Steve Sun: CEO of Genewiz

• Angel Investment

• Shenmu Capital


• Tsinghua Alumni Association

5. Organizers and Supporters


Tianjin Wuqing Development Area

China Wuqing Development Area (UDA) is a state-level Hi-tech area and state-level Economic Zone approved by the State Council on Dec. 28, 1991. Total area of long range strategic planning is 93 km2.

Investment Area: Wuqing is one of the most secure regions in China, Modern services base, Ecological and livable city. It provides business service and is approved as ISO9001 AND ISO14001. Enterprise with environmental issue cannot enter in UDA.

Location Advantage: Being located between two municipalities, Beijing and Tianjin, UDA enjoys exclusively favorable location and has been called Jing-Jin Corridor since ancient times. It is 71 km away from urban Beijing 25 km from urban Tianjin, 90 km from the Capital International Airport, 50 km from the planned second capital airport, 30 km from Tianjin Airport and 71 km from Tianjin Harbor.

Transportation Advantage: There are 4 expressways such as Jing-Jin-Tang expressway, Jing-Jin expressway, Jing-Hu Expressway, Jin-Bao Expressway, and 5 exits within 10 minutes by driving. Wuqing is the only one stop of Jing-Jin Intercity high-speed Train. Also, there is Jing-Shan railway station for passenger and cargo. The planning Jing-Jin subway will be in Wuqing. Besides, two state-level main roads, No. 103 state road and No. 104 state road, cross Wuqing.

Overall Planning: Currently, Phase I and Phase II are 15 km2 which are fully occupied. Phase III is 15 km2 which is basically occupied. Phase IV is 20 km2 including 5 km2 starting area which is under promotion.

Beautiful environment: Wuqing boasts the Great Canal, LongFeng new river, LongFeng river with the Swan Lake in the center. Urban greening rate reaches 40%. The quality of water and air is better than state level.

Efficient Service function: UDA insists on “To serve others is to develop ourselves” There are Wuqing Customs, Wuqing Inspection & Quarantine Bureau and Administrative Permission Service Center providing you one-stop completed service. Besides, there are complete economic, law and financial organizations.

Complete Infrastructures: There competitive and completed infrastructures with 11 accesses & one level. There are business offices, star hotels, hot spring apartments, low cost apartments, bilingual school, supermarkets, theme park, and Florence village.

Economic Development: There are six main industries such as electronic information, advanced manufacturing, biology and pharmacy, auto and parts, new material, and new energy. UDA annual economy growth rate keeps at 30%.

Leading Enterprise: Up to now, Wuqing Development Area has absorbed about 120 billion of registered capital and invited over 1400 companies including 8 billion US dollar. There are 25 companies which are Fortune 500 like Emerson, Ingersoll-rand, Amazon, LG, Sumitomo, SUEZ, COFCO, etc. There are 100 leading companies in domestic and overseas markets like Bestseller, Danfoss, Tiens, Lite-on, CSG, Xinyi, Wahaha, Wondersun, Blue cat, EKC, DYNAPAC, MD, etc.

BTCC Incubator LLC.

BTCC Incubator LLC.(BTCCI), a BTCC subsidiary, is a professional technology incubator. We provide seed funding, intensive mentor services and business networks to high tech startups. Leveraging our highly trained professionals in offices in New Jersey, Beijing, Chengdu and Nantong, we help startups set up operations, manage government relations and grow businesses in the US or China.


Chinese Association of Science and Technology Great New York

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology, U.S.A.(CAST-USA) was founded in August 1992 in New York City and registered in New York State as a non-political and non-profit professional organization for Chinese-American professionals.

CAST-USA is growing at a rapid pace with more than thousands of members in more than 30 states across the United States, working in universities, industries, government agencies and other sectors. CAST-USA is now one of the most-recognized organizations among Chinese professionals in the United States. It is the leading institution dedicated to the promotion of understanding between Americans and ethnic Chinese in the United States. Since its foundation, CAST has established strong ties with the scientific and technological communities both in the United States and in China.

Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York

Established in 1979, Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1982. For the past 30 plus years, we have been focusing on providing the services to all the alumni in Greater New York area, both from Beijing and Hsinchu.

We have over five thousand alumni in the area of Academia, Education, Biology, Pharmacy, Mechanics, Electronics, Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Architecture, Real Estate Investment and Law Services.

Peking University Alumni Association of Greater New York

The Peking University Education Foundation (USA) (“PKUEF (USA)”) was established in 2001 as a California based nonprofit corporation that qualifies for US federal tax exemption under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The EIN number is 943278466. Its mission and purpose are to strengthen ties between Peking University (PKU) and North America, raise funds from alumni and friends to advance PKU's research and teaching, and improve the communication and cooperation between North American regions and PKU.

Zhejiang University Alumni Association of Greater New York

Zhejiang University Alumni Association was founded in Jan. 2000 with the approval of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC. Zhejiang University highly values alumni relationship and views it as the source of inspiration and reliable support. With the aim of uniting all the alumni, serving for the Alma Mater and feeding back to the society, Zhejiang University Alumni Association has achieved considerable success. Up to now, we boast nearly 500,000 alumni all over the world, and the branches and extensions of alumni association have been founded in more than 15 countries and 100 areas home and abroad, covering North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and so on. Moreover, the establishment of alumni clubs such as Zheda Hi-Chance Club, Zhejiang University Alumni Real Estate Club and Zhejiang University Alumni Hotel Industry Club has also added to the variety and vitality of the alumni network. Alumni clubs, communities and associations at all levels serve to bring alumni all around the world together.

Tianjin University Alumni Association of Greater New York

Our alumni organization was founded in July 2009 and has been successfully incorporated as a Not-for-Profit Corporation in New York State and registered with U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Our organization was registered both as Tianjin University Alumni Association of Greater New York, Inc. and Tianjin University Alumni Association, Inc.