Signing ceremony of South Korea Su company headquarters and settlement center project

January 23, Wuqing China and South Korea Su company headquarters and settlement center project signing ceremony, committee secretary Wuqing, general manager Liu Donghai Corporation and chairman of the Korean company Lu Su Yuan Geng representing the two sides signed an agreement.

The project is located in the Nordic Green Industrial Park, a total investment of 14 million, the main products for rail vehicles unit gated automatic door systems and mechanical locking device (one of the two companies have this technology internationally). Su Chinese investment to build the headquarters, including the design, presentation and assembly center, after full production is expected to reach an annual turnover of 120 million yuan, the tax over five million.

Su Korean company was founded in 1991, headquarters and R & D center in Korea Gyeonggi, production centers in Yongin. Since its creation, the company is committed to rail transit automatic doors original technology research and development, technology in the field of rail door control system technology largest in the world. Over the past decade, the company occupied Korea DCU (door control unit) 99% share, is now (strains) Modern Rotem (Hyundai) A class supplier of automatic doors, the price is much better than in the same industry and technology companies, with a very great appreciation of space technology and profit margins. Optimistic about the prospects of the company, in 2013 Korea Development Bank invested $ 4.3 million patent Georgia Fund, July 2013 Korea Investment Corporation invested $ 10 million in state investment.