Wuqing District - in the eyes of investors

1."Tiens Group is located and growing in Wuqing District. Till now, the group has already developed into a multinational enterprise group and all these achievements are closely connected with the assistance and support of Wuqing Development Area."

--Tiens Group

2.Our company is a wholly Denmark-invested foreign company with two plants, which have become the largest manufacturing base outside Denmark. According to the development strategy of Danfoss, China will be the "Second Hometown Market" of Danfoss outside apart from Europe. It's Wuqing Development Area that creates a good investment environment and provides the internationalized and humanized services for us. Wuqing Development Area is our ideal and satisfied investment and manufacturing base.



3.China has always been considered as the most potential investment market for us, and Wuqing Development Area has the most attractive investment environment for us since it enjoys exclusively geographical advantage and advanced infrastructure, and has the professional service team. I'm deeply impressed by Wuqing Development Area for its "think what we need, plan what we pursue". 




4.Located between Beijing and Tianjin, Wuqing Development Area is the center of Bohai Sea Rim Economic Area. Its exceptional location advantage makes it convenient for import & export of raw materials and products, which makes us advantageous in sales.



5.As a member of enterprises in Wuqing Development Area, we have fully experienced the advantage and convenience for enterprises offered by Wuqing Development Area. Firstly it has the significant location and communication advantages. And secondly it provides the perfect and complete infrastructure and the good manufacturing and sales environment. Based on the favorable infrastructure and service environment, our company has achieved a rapid and stable development.   


--Magnequench, MQ

6.The three-dimensional modern transportation network, favorable location advantage and high quality and efficient service with principal of "enterprise first" provide us a good opportunity and broad development space.



7.The enterprise service concept of Wuqing Development Area is "Servicing others is developing ourselves" Our company is continuously growing and developing by the support of Wuqing Development Area, and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in October, 2009.



 --Chase Sun Pharmaceutical Industry

8. Since the settlement of our company in Wuqing Development Area, we not only enjoyed thoughtful and warmly services i, but also witness the high working efficiency of the people of Wuqing development area. We are fully encouraged to invest and develop in Wuqing Development Area by the favorable environment of investing and manufacturing.





9.The high working efficiency and the thoughtful services of Wuqing Development Area make us feel that it is so wise and correct to initially choosing here as our investment site. Here, we can feel the concerns and supports from Wuqing Development Area at any time. We extend our grateful thanks to you.



--Huazhu Metal

10.Since the company's settlement in Wuqing Development Area in 1997, I have begun to work and live here. In the recent over 10 years, Wuqing Development Area has attained significant achievements. The developing and construction of the Software Innovation Park and Phase III have provided a broader development space, which strengthens our confidence of investing in Wuqing Development Area, and makes us hold great expectations for the greater development of Wuqing Development Area.



--Wago Electric