Answer and Questions about Investment

1. When was UDA established?

Answer: China Tianjin Wuqing Development Area, a state-level Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (approval letter attached), was approved by the State Council of China on December 28th, 1991. It has attracted approximately 1000 enterprises with the total investment capital of RMB 40 billion among which the foreign investment is USD 3.5 billion. Besides, nearly 70% of the enterprises in UDA are oversea companies.

2. Where is UDA located?

Answer: The Jingjintang (Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan) Expressway, Jingiin (Beijing-Tianjin) Expressway, Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) Expressway, Jinbao (Tianjin-Baoding city) Expressway, Jinji (Tianjin-Ji county of Tianjin city Expressway and NO.112 Expressway pass Wuqing District with 12 exits and entrances. And there are 4 expressway exits within 10 minutes' drive area around UDA.  Besides, 2 state roads No. 103 and 104 pass through UDA. Apart from this, Wuqing is the only stop of Jing-Jin intercity fast train. The Fast Train Wuqing Station is 3 kilometers away from UDA. It takes 20 minutes from Wuqing to Urban Beijing and 10 minutes to urban Tianjin by this train. So here the transportation is very convenient.

3. What kinds of industries are encouraged by UDA?

Answer: There are 6 leading industries in UDA, that is, electronic information, new material, new energy, mechanical manufacturing, automobile and parts, biomedical and pharmacy. UDA also encourages enterprises which are of high technology, energy saving and environmental protection, or with strong development potential in the specific sector, or with prosperous market.

4. Are the main roads in UDA over 50 meters wide?

Answer: Yes.

5. Is the height limitation of the main roads to the outside over 5 meters ?

Answer: Yes, no-limitation.

6. Can the main roads in UDA towards the outside available ensure for the passing of vehicles with over 100 ton weight?

Answer: They can.

7. Can the bridge which is connected to the main roads in UDA to the outsides meet the height and weight requirement mentioned above?

Answer: Totally. The carrying capacity of Quanda Bridge is more than 100 tons.

8. How about the residential supporting facilities in UDA?

Answer: The residential areas occupies 1.4 square km in UDA, including supporting service facilities like apartments, villa, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, international foundation course, large-scale chain supermarket, etc. In addition, a residential area called Low Cost Apartments which can hold 9000 residents was built in the Phase II of UDA mainly for the common workers of the enterprises.

9. How long is the usage term of Land in UDA?

Answer: Interim Regulations of the People's Republic of China Concerning the Assignment and Transfer of the Right to the Use of the State-owned Land in the Urban Areas regulated:

1) 70 years for residential usage land;
2) 50 years for industrial usage land;
3) 50 years for education, science and technology, culture, public health, sports usage land;
4) 40 years for commercial, tourism, entertainment usage land;
5) 50 year for comprehensive or others usage.

The term is counted from the date of issuance of <Certificate of State-owned Land Use>

10. What is the location of infrastructures offered by the development area?

Answer: The basic pipelines of road, water supply, sewage discharge, rainwater, power(power consumption less than 3000KVA), communication lines, heating, steam (partially) ,natural gas, broadband network, cable TV, etc, are constructed to the area where is five meters away from the red line of the plant.

11. How about ports near the development area?

Answer: UDA is 71 km away from the largest harbor in North China - Tianjin Harbor. It takes only 40minutes to get there by car. Tianjin Harbor has more than 140 berths and accesses to more than 170 countries and regions with the annual cargo handling capacity of over 100 million tons. Tianjin container terminal is the largest container terminal in North China with the annual cargo-dealing capacity of 1 million standard containers (twenty-foot equivalent units).

12. How about airports near the development area?

Answer: UDA is 90 km away from the Capital International Airport and it takes only one hour to get there. Besides, UDA is 35 km away from Tianjin International Airport and it takes only half an hour to get there. And there is the largest air cargo center in Tianjin International Airport.

13. What kind of facility supporting advantages does UDA have?

1) China Wuqing Customs of the People's Republic of China and Wuqing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau is located in UDA. All import & export businesses can be accomplished in UDA. A great deal of business in Xiqing District and Beichen District need to be handled in Wuqing Customs.
2) The Low Cost Apartments built in the development area occupies 80 thousand square meters with living capacity of 9000 persons. And the monthly rent is only RMB 50 per person. In addition, the apartments are equipped with regular bus of point-to-point transfer which only costs RMB 10 /head/month.
3) International Bonded Logistics Park of UDA is equipped with the public bonded warehouse and export supervised warehouse, which can provide bonded trading and logistics services like bonded warehouse, international distribution, import & export trading, entrepot trade, etc, and also the tax rebate.
4) Tianjin Yinghua International School which is located in Wuqing Development Area provides bilingual education to the children of employees in the district from kindergarten to high school. The junior and senior education of Wuqing District enjoys best foundation and good quality among the 18 districts and counties in Tianjin. And the college entrance rate is No. 1 each year.
5) There are many Star hotels in Wuqing Development Area, such as Tiens Sego International Hot Spring Hotel (five-star), Swan Lake Holiday Inn (four-star), Customs Training Center, Training Center of China Women's Federation, TEDA Training Center, etc which can provide high-class services like accommodation, meeting, catering, entertainment, etc.

14. What kind of labor recruitment advantages does UDA have?

Answer: Comparing with other districts of Tianjin, Wuqing has the largest population of 820,000 people, among which the labor force is 400,000. So the labor resource in Wuqing is abundant and stable. 90% of the 60,000 employees working in UDA are local people.  Besides, the labor cost is relatively low. The monthly wage of the workers in UDA is about 820 yuan to 1000 yuan, which is the lowest in Tianjin.
In addition, due to the advantageous location and convenient transportation of Wuqing, it is easy for the companies to absorb the high-quality talents from Beijing and Tianjin. Most of the foreign senior managers, technicians and their family members live in Beijing. It takes only 20 minutes to go to Beijing by the intercity fast train and 40 to 50 minutes by car. Favorable location and transportation advantages of UDA can fulfill the working and living requirements of foreign working staff.

15. What are the mechanism advantages of UDA?

Answer: The management committee and the general corporation of the development area are combined together with same working staff, implementing closed management for the companies in UDA. The secretary of the District Committee is the director of the management committee of the development area. The warden of Wuqing District is the vice-director of the management committee. The member of standing committee of the District Committee takes the position of the director of the office of the development area management committee and also the general manager of the development area general corporation. The development area management committee works on behalf of the companies in UDA, forbidding the governmental functional sectors entering the companies at will. If they do have specific issues concerning the companies, they must first consult with the development area general corporation. It is the general corporation who is responsible for coordinating the relationship between the companies and the governmental functional sectors, so the administrative cost for the enterprises is zero.

16. How about the telecommunication facilities in development area?

Answer: Equipped with a communication center of the capacity of 80 thousand lines in the district, the modern communication facilities are complete, including digital microwave communication devices, fiber and cable devices, switch network and DDN devices, etc, which can deal with both domestic and international postal and telecommunication business.

17. What is the infrastructure situation of UDA?


Water supply: The water supply in Wuqing district is the most abundant and assured in Tianjin. Water used by the companies in the area is supplied by three water sources, a water plant which provides water from Luanhe River, Tianjin Tap Water Group and Wuqing ground water. Wuqing district has its own water-supply plant and this plant is run according to its actual cost so that the water price is only 2.7 yuan/ ton which is comparatively low in contrast with other development areas, like TEDA and Beichen, where the water price is over 5 yuan/ton.

Natural gas supply: Three natural gas sources from Shaanxi, North China and the Bohai Sea provide natural gas for the companies in UDA.

Power supply: Two power grids, North China power grid and Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid, provide electricity for the companies in UDA. The power supply situation in UDA is better than other areas of Tianjin, equaling the level of Beijing. It has never been interrupted or cut off.

Heating: UDA has its own heating-supply center with centralized heating-supply system. Besides, the heating-supply center is run according its actually cost, so the heating price is 27.09 yuan/m2 which is the lowest among the development areas in Tianjin. Two power grids, North China power grid and Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan power grid, provide electricity for the companies in UDA. The power supply situation in UDA is better than other areas of Tianjin, equaling the level of Beijing. It has never been interrupted or cut off.

18. How about the Human Resource Cost in UDA?

Answer: According to relevant regulations and provisions in Tianjin, the lowest salary standard in UDA is RMB 920 /month. The following is the salary levels of different types of workers exclude overtime payments (overtime payment not being included).
Common operators: monthly average salary is approximately RMB 1000.
Common skilled operators: monthly average salary is approximately RMB 1200.
Common engineers: monthly average salary is approximately RMB 2000.
Common management persons: monthly average salary is approximately RMB 1500.
The salaries differs according different situations of the enterprises. The salaries in European or American enterprises are relatively higher.

19. What is the specific standard of road supporting facilities in UDA?

Answer: All roads are invested and constructed by Wuqing Development Area General Corporation in accordance with the general planning and controlled detail planning of UDA, and are asphalt concrete. Roads inside enterprises and roads which connect the enterprises to the city roads are founded and built by the enterprises according to the plan.

20. What is the specific standard of power supporting facilities?

Answer: Distribution lines are unified implemented by the development area administrative committee according to the whole power-grid planning. They are connected to the developed site of UDA with 10 thousand volt (or 35 thousand overhead wires) and standardized switching station is built. The facilities of switching station and the upper part, the High-Voltage Lines, are funded and constructed by the Wuqing development area administrative committee, the facilities of switching station and the under part (Low-Voltage Line) should be invested upon the power consumption proportion by the project unit, all wires less than 10 thousand volt shall be paved underground.

21. What is the specific standard of telecommunication supporting facilities?

Answer: The pre-bury work of telecommunication facilities is implemented by Wuqing Development Area General Corporation, which offers comprehensive supporting service to the development area in accordance with the standard of telecommunication operation.   

22. What is the specific standard of water supply supporting facilities?

Answer: The water supply and distribution pipeline networks are paved along the roads of the development area and the interfaces are reserved in the different lands. The pipelines under the interfaces should be funded and built by the enterprises. For the enterprises which have special water supply requirements, the water supply plan shall be negotiated.

23. What is the specific standard of sewage supporting facilities?

Answer: Sewage pipeline network is installed nearby the enterprise site according to the planning. The sewage will be discharged into the nearby pipe network after reaching the discharging standard.

24. What standard shall be reached for the sewage pipeline network in development area?

Answer: The sewage shall reach 3rd- grade before being discharged into the pipe network, discharge into the urban underground pipeline network.

25. What is the specific standard of heating supply supporting facilities?

Answer: The centralized heating is supplied by the Heating Company, the affiliated company of Wuqing Development Area General Corporation. The pipeline network is built to the 5-meter-within the red line area of the enterprises.

26. What is the specific standard for land flatness?

Answer: Wuqing Development Area General Corporation is responsible for cleaning the attachment on the ground with the original ground elevation to provide the level land for the enterprises.