In order to improve the investment environment in UDA, create a superior investment and business environment, provide convenience for international and domestic investors, upgrade the standard of administration and business efficiency, UDA established the joint administrative Service Center.

The main functions of the Investment Service Center are to provide a whole-process, all-rounded efficient services to the investors who will invest and develop in UDA. The service center adheres to the concept of "Open, Regulatory, Efficient and Honest", to create a "one-stop" administration environment. The service center is responsible for handling the relevant administrative enforcement and approval, verification, recording, certificate issuance, fee collection, etc, and proving policy consultation, supervision & coordination, complaint & inspection for both international and domestic investors. It also provides convenient, efficient and qualified wholehearted administration services for both the oversea and domestic enterprises by using the effective, safety office automation networks and advanced, integrated electronic monitoring system of administrative enforcement and approval.

Service Principals:
1. Openness and Transparency: All varieties of administrative approval affairs should be opened in an obvious place or lawfully by other means.
2. Truth and Fairness: The publicized information shall be true and legal. The result should be justice. And the administration should be legal.
3. Efficiency and Convenience: Shorten time, improve efficiency, and simplify the process and formalities of administrative enforcement and approval according to the actual conditions.
4. Unified Coordination: One center, one cashier, one comprehensive form and one-stop completion.
5. Honesty and Self-discipline: Strengthen the mechanism of supervision, set up relevant regulations, officers to be governed by regulations, promote the progress of building a clean and honest government by means of relevant regulations.