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Tianjin Wuqing District Yongyang Hotel
Located at Yangcun Town, Wuqing District, Tianjin, Yongyang Hotel is 80 km away from Beijing to the north and 30 km away from Tianjin to the south; it has a favorable geographical position for convenient communications with Jingjintang Highway passing through.
The hotel covers an area of 30000 square meters and has 140 guest rooms in different grades, including senior suite, standard room, and triple room, totally containing 450 beds, which is a multi-functional hotel combined with food & beverage, accommodation, entertainment, bodybuilding, shopping and tourism, and now becomes a three-star hotel open for domestic and foreign tourists. 
The hotel guest room is an ideal place for your business trip, holiday recreation and various kinds of conferences by its luxuriously honored guest building A, B and simplified elegance archaize quadrangles.
The hotel has an auditorium which can accommodate 600 seats, a conference room which can accommodate 30-150 seats and 9 reception rooms. It is convenient for undertaking various kinds of large and medium-sized conferences and tourism activities.
The hotel is equipped with 2 singing and dancing hall, one is 350 square meters and 300 square meters of the other, which completely use imported stereo and lighting. KTV private room, Beauty salon, sauna, massage, surf bath, billiards, bodybuilding room, medical room, commodity store and other service facilities are available all varieties. Business center offers international & domestic air ticket, railway ticket from Tianjin, Beijing to cities all around China, international & domestic direct dialing phone, facsimile, typing and photocopying and other services.
As the banqueting hall has the capacity of 600 people, it can be available for large and medium scale banquet, party, there are 31 luxuriously decorated private rooms, "Liushangqushui" self-help hot pot with unique characteristic, which will make "you are there" feelings for you to review the wonderful situation of ancient drinking poets.  
With powerful strength and potential of chef and cooks including cooking technician, chef, and senior pastry cook, it will present you not only the Sichuan Cuisine, Shandong Cuisine, Canton Cuisine and Jiangsu Cuisine, but also keep the hotel's own specialty dishes and the unique flavor of Tianjin Cuisine.
"Korean style lychee stuffing hot toffee " "Double colored chrysanthemum fish" win the gold medal of the 3rd anniversary of National Cooking Competition.
"Colorful butterfly playing with pearl" "Fresh bamboo shoots" win the gold medal of the 2nd anniversary of Tianjin (Baofeng Cup) Cooking Competition.
Vegetable sculptured "dragon boat", hot dish "harvest music" win the gold medal of Tianjin "Tianjin Cuisine" Competition. "Golden tower cake” "Crab bun with guava style" win the gold medal in pastry cooks.
"Yongyang bake meat", "Golden edged steam and stew", "Fried bean curd thread" win the gold medal of Tianjin folk style savory food competition.
"Mashed of lotus seed, chestnuts and Beijing cake" wins the gold medal of Shandong Cuisine skill of Tianjin Food & Beverage Trade.
The hotel applied modernized service management method, computerized guest check-in, check-out, query and other formalities, which are very quick and convenient.
The scenic spots around the hotel are very attracting, "Yangcun Small World", "Nanhu Park", "Gangbei Forest Park", "Jinquan Lake" and "Fengshen Palace" are ideal places for tourists to visit, and the farthest scenic spot is only 30 minutes’ drive.  
The hotel possesses a high and medium educated cultured service team, all employees have been strictly trained professionally with well-qualified service quality, present our equal service to not only regular customer, but also new customer, team and individual with the same sincerity and friendly.  
Our principal is service first and client oriented.
General manager Guo Yugang and his colleagues warmly welcome all social community friends.
Tel: 022-29341219 29341787
Reservation: 022-29344984 29341996
Facsimile: 022-29381001
Postal code: 301700

Swan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Inn
Swan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Inn is invested by Beijing Diya Group, located in Wuqing Development Area, Tianjin, closely near by the north of Jingjintang Highway, 71 km from 3rd Ring Road of east Beijing and 30 km from Tianjin downtown.
Swan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Inn is a four-star foreign-related tourist hotel, occupied 1200 Mu space including 600 Mu of lake; its construction floor space is 120000 square meters, and the Hot Spring water from 2000 meter underground. Main building, simulated royal quadrangle of the Qing dynasty, is a large scale holiday resort that combined with conference, food & beverage, recreation functions for its Chinese Style, Japanese Style, European Style and American Style villas, recreational center, health center, conference center.
There are various kinds of health-building facilities, open air court, aquatic sports' facilities, angling area in Swan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Inn which can satisfy various kinds of requirements of our customers. Swan House, Juya Garden, Royal kitchen Garden, Banqueting Hall, Western Style Dinning Hall, conference, Dinning Hall and Golf Dinning Hall can satisfy various kinds of requirements of the guests. There are auditorium and large and small conference rooms available in the conference center with completed facilities, which can hold different kinds of business activities like large scale performances, large scale conferences, lectures, and conferences. North of holiday inn, there is the golf practice court with doubled water ball floating practice court, 50 practice vacancies; international 9 hole standard golf court is established around the lake, you can enjoy the unique sense and interest of entertainment and health-building.
Swan Lake Hot Spring Holiday Inn warmly welcomes you at any time.
Tel: 022-82115588

Tianjin Home Inn (Wuqing Development Area Branch)
Cross of Quanxing Road and Guangming Street, Wuqing Development Area, Tianjin, China
Tel: 022-61135522 83669383
Home Inn (Jingjin Road Branch, Wuqing District, Tianjin)
Address: No.8, Area A, Zhongxin Plaza, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China   
Tel: 4008-899-578
Daguangming Hotel
Address: Guangming Street, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China
Tel: 022-82122608‎

Junli Hotel
Address: Guangming Street, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China
Tel: 022-29373318‎

All-legend International Hotel
Address: No. 17 Xinyuan Road, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China (inside Tiens yard)
Tel: 022-82108866