Gather up Various Supports and Promote Development

Located in North China alluvial plain and middle & lower reaches of Haihe River, Wuqing is adjacent to Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal at east, to Longfenghe River at north, and to original path of Longfenghe River at west. The district boasts plain terrain, good geological structure, rich vegetation and fertile soil. There are petroleum, natural gas, coal and other mineral resources. There are 14 scenic spots including Dahuangpu Wetland Nature Reserve, Gangbei Forest Park and Yangcun Small World. With beautiful scenery, greening rate has reaches over 40%.

Wuqing Development Area possesses unique transport advantage. In addition to the location between Beijing and Tianjin, within the district there are railways including Beijing-Shanhaiguan, Beijing-Kowloon, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Ji County, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, and state-level trunk highways, railways and expressways including Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu, Beijing-Shanghai, Tianjin-Baoding and 112 Expressway. When handling state-level trunk line construction, Wuqing has also completed the "nine vertical and nine horizontal roads" network construction and complex modern 3D transportation system, with density of roads up to 148.7 km/100 km2. Within 15 minutes of drive in any village and street, you can find expressway entrance and arrive in Beijing or Tianjin in half an hour.

Nowadays the fourth transfer tide of global industry comes, Beijing and Tianjin gradually become new focus for national and regional economic development. Tianjin has created a new model of transfer, reform and adjustment with structure adjustment as key point. Traditional industry is optimized and escalated, scale and proportion of hi-tech industry are increased, Electronic information, Bio-technology & Pharmacy, new energy and chemical industry are greatly advanced, all which provide powerful policies and industry environment supports for Wuqing development.

Under this special development background, Wuqing Development Area Administration Commission conducts closed-end management in the Area. There are Wuqing Administrative Permission Service Center, Customs, Inspection & Quarantine Bureau and International Bonded Logistics Park established within the Area. And there are complete supporting function facilities including large business office buildings, star-level hotels, hot spring apartments, senior clubs, experts' apartments, bilingual international school and supermarkets. Furthermore, many service organizations including monetary, law and financial institutes are introduced. All these together make "eleven accesses and flat ground level" realized and provide powerful support and security for regional development.

With featured investment promotion ways and advanced service consciousness, as well as the one-stop official business and service, Wuqing gradually boasts its own advantages. With various supports, we will further make full use of location and policy advantages, and construct the first-class investment environment with new mechanism, high-standard infrastructures and supporting facilities, and build Wuqing into a hi-tech, efficient and continuously enhanced modernized science and technology city.