Service System

The construction of service system is the key job of the government of Wuqing Development Area (UDA). It is directly related to the realization of the goal of "Providing the company-indispensable services" and it is also a crucial reflection of the UDA's idea of "Being concerned with what the enterprise is concerned with and worried about what the enterprise is worried about".

The Company Management Department is one of the most fundamental functional departments in the service system construction. It functions as a bridge between the enterprises and the administrative departments. It is the spokesperson of the enterprises. One of its responsibilities is to communicate with enterprises, help the enterprises with the specified affairs such as the operation, maintenance and certain application works etc, and help enterprises solve the problems during the business operation. It acts as a solid backup for the rapid development of enterprises, tries to create a favorable investment and manufacturing environment in UDA and promotes the fast development of UDA.

The Company Management Department provides services as follows: assisting the administrative departments, like the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Taxation Bureau, Customs, Commodity Inspection Bureau, Foreign Trade and Economic Committee, Environmental Protection Bureau, Telecom Bureau, Electric Power Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, Sanitation and Epidemic Prevention etc, with their supervision and administration work on enterprises; organizing enterprises in UDA to do the annual inspection of the industrial and commercial business license and organization code certificate; assisting enterprises with their high-tech identification, common taxpayer identification, and applying for " International-market-Development Fund for Small and medium-sized Enterprises "; helping enterprises with the investment capital increasing, stock transferring, enterprise name changing, business scope changing and other formalities; assisting enterprise with the establishment of their labor union and youth league committee and helping them do the daily work of the labor union and youth league committee.

On the other hand, the Company Management Department also bears many very important social responsibilities, especially in the field of safety production and environmental protection. It does the coordination and supervision work for the safety production of enterprises in UDA, organizes enterprises to conclude the responsibility pledge for safety production, processes the inspection and acceptance of environmental production in "three-simultaneity", gradually carries out safety production monthly activities, does the acceptance and annual inspection for special equipments, certificates training, inspection, replacement for special employees, arranges safety inspections like safety production, vocational health, sanitation and epidemic prevention, hidden dangers of fire safety, etc.

In respect to environmental protection, the staffs of the Company Management Department assists the enterprises with the inspection and acceptance of environmental protection in " three-simultaneity " , makes environmental protection inspection gradually especially the inspection, supervision and correction on pollutants-discharging enterprises, and assists enterprise get discharge permission and certificate of hazardous chemical processing.

Recruitment Department of UDA is another strong supporting department of the service system in UDA. It bears the responsibilities of assisting the enterprises in widening the recruitment channels, training of various kinds of talents, house holding registration hosting agency and personnel file agency for enterprises and talents transferring, organizing the enterprises for labor contract conclusion and confirmation, social insurance capture, etc.

Meanwhile, the Recruitment Department assists the Labor Administrative Department in doing the labor supervision, labour annual inspection, helps the enterprises deal with the industrial injury, industrial death and non-industrial death, non-industrial injury etc, being responsible for daily routine works of Labor Dispute Mediation Committee in UDA, timely dealing with labor disputes, emergency preventing and handling for group incidents, and propaganda and implementation of labor policy , and provides policy, regulation and provision query service for enterprises and employees in respect to labor and social insurance .