Speech of General Manager

To all circles of the society and all colleagues,

Welcome to China Wuqing Development Area through internet. It is the ecological new city between Beijing and Tianjin, high-tech industrial base, head office economic base, and modern service industry cluster area focusing on logistics and ecological tourism.

Wuqing Development Area was established on December 28, 1991, which is the state-level economic and technological Development Area and state-level high-tech industrial park approved by the State Council. It is located in Bohai Economic Sphere, and is the intermediate node of Jinbin comprehensive development principal axis. Its location advantage is unique with open and convenient traffic system. The Development Area is located at the midstream and downstream of Haihe River. Through the alleviation of several thousand years, it becomes fertile and beautiful. Famous Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal passes across it, and Dahuangpu Wetland, the North Forest Park, and Swan Lake Holiday Village have formed splendid natural ecological environment here.

Since the establishment of the district, we stick to the concept of “serving for others is just developing oneself”, take the development demand of enterprises as the core objective, and forge the international standard investment service environment. Through developing the service facilities with rational layout, complete function and beautiful environment, all the investors would feel comfortable and warm here.

The total planned area of Wuqing Development Area is 93 square kilometers. Now, 15 square kilometers of Phase I and Phase II have been completed, and 15 square kilometers of Phase III and 20 square kilometers of Phase IV are under construction. We firmly believe that there is only starting point but no ending point. There is only better investment environment without the best investment environment. We hope to develop together with all circles of the society and create the future together.