Wuqing Development Area - A Shinning Pearl between Beijing and Tianjin

Wuqing is located between Beijing and Tianjin in Bohai Economic Sphere, and is the intermediate node of Jingbin comprehensive development principal axis. Ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Great Canal passes across it. It is reputed as "a collection of treasures and talented people" from ancient time with the good reputation of “passage of Beijing and Tianjin”. China Wuqing Development Area was established on December 28, 1991, which is the state-level economic and technological Development Area and state-level high-tech industrial park approved by the State Council. It is located in the northwest area of Wuqing urban area with the long-term planned area of 93 square kilometers, and the area of completed area and area under construction of 50 square kilometers, of which 15 square kilometers of Phase I and Phase II have been completed, and 15 square kilometers of Phase III and 20 square kilometers of Phase IV are under construction. Since the establishment of the district, it has attracted the investment nearly RMB 100 billion, and has introduced more than 1,300 enterprises from 50 countries and districts, of which there have been 21 world top 500 enterprises and 100 leading enterprises at home and abroad. The accumulated gross value of production has been RMB 93.4 billion with the taxation of RMB 31.5 billion. It has attracted direct employment of more than 100,000, matching enterprises of more than 200, and indirect employment of more than 30,000.

For many years, Wuqing Development Area sticks to forging international standard service environment better than the ambient area, keeps positive status for investment attraction, and creates new heights for investment attraction with increasing project quality. Through many years’ development,  six dominant industries of electronic information, mechanical manufacturing, biological medicine, automobiles and accessories, new materials, and new energy have been formed in Wuqing Development Area. Meanwhile, it is vigorously developing modern service industry such as commercial real estate economy, cultural creativity, animation & game, service outsourcing, finance, R&D incubation, and bonded logistics, and technological small and medium enterprises. At present, it focuses on seven areas: high-end manufacturing industry cluster area, basis of innovation head office, bonded logistics area, cultural creativity industrial park, higher education area, high-end industrial development area, European-style ecological town.