Introduction to Wuqing Development Area

China Wuqing Development Area was founded on Dec, 28th, 1991 which was the economic and technological development zone and high technology Industry Park of national level approved by the State Council and the gross area of a long term is 93 sq km. The 50 sq km which contain the building and built parts are 15 sq km of Ⅰand Ⅱ phase have been built; 15 square km of Ⅲ phase and 20 square km of Ⅳ phase are attracting investor to build. There are exceptional advantages of the location, which is located between Beijing and Tianjin, and the distance are 71km to Beijing, 25km to Tianjin, 90 km to Capital International Airport, 45 km to the planned Second Capital Airport, 35km to Tianjin Binhai International Airport, 71km to port of Tianjin. It owns Open and convenient traffic, and there are 4 expressway of Jingjintang, Jingjin, Jinghu, Binbao etc, 5 entrances of expressway around within 10 mins range of driving; there is 1 station of Beijing-Tianjin rail, 1 passage and freight station of Jingshan railway; and there is a plan to connect Beijing and Tianjin metro at Wuqing; and also the national road of 103 and 104 cross this area. It has good environment of nature, which near the Grand Canal at east, new river of Longfeng at north, old waterway of Longfeng river at west, and beautiful swan lake inlay in middle. The greening rate in area is over 40% and the air and water are better than national level. The service and environment is efficient and in a high quality. The management committee of development area always takes the idea “serving others is to develop ourselves” and insists service can contribute itself, and service can make success. It manages the development area in a “enclosed” way, which Wuqing administrative licensing service center, customs, Quarantine Bureau and bonded logistics area are in this area to work with “one stop” and serve in “a coordinated process” for the enterprises, and all business service of banking, law, and finance are completed. The supporting facility is completed and foundation function facility gets “11 items has been connected and the land is leveling”, the large-scale business office building, starred hotel, hot spring apartment, advanced guild hall, low-costing apartment, bilingual international school, chained supermarket, theme park and Outlets shopping center etc. are built.

Since the area has been founded, 100 billion RMB investment are attracted ( the foreign capital is near 8 billion USD), and bring in 1300 enterprises from 50 country and regions, including the 21 enterprise of world top 500 , Emerson, Ingersoll-Rand, Amazon, Global Logistic Properties, International Paper of America, Tomen, Sumitomo of Japan, Suez of France, LG of Korea, China International Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. of china etc, and over 100 leading enterprises in and out land, Tiens Biotech Group Inc., Danfoss, CSG, XYG, Wahaha, Yili, Chase Sun, Dynapac, AUX, CYD, Blue Cat Meida, EKC etc. it forms the six leading industry of electronic information, machine manufacturing, biological medicine automobile and components and parts, new material and new energy, and it rapid develops modern service industry of the building economy and culture originality, cartoon and game, service outsourcing, financial, research and development hatch, bonded logistics and also scientific and technologic type small and medium-sized enterprises. It focuses on building new industry base, advanced manufacturing industry base and modern service industry accumulation area between Beijing and Tianjin. There are 7 important areas developed: high-end manufacture accumulation area, the base of pioneering headquarters, bonded logistics area, culture originality industry quarter, higher education area, high-end industry development area and European style ecology town.

Wuqing Development Area is the window open to the outside world, the main engine of economic development, the leader of driving upgrading industries, and the important foundation of placement of Wuqing area, and the annual growth rate for each major economic indicator keeps about 30%. In 2012, the gross value of production of area is 22 billion RMB, which is increasing 32%; the total industrial output value is 74 billion RMB, which is increasing 28%; revenue is 7.4 billion RMB, which is increasing 31%; fixed investments is 13 billion, which is increasing 34%; the newly increased employment is 10,000, which is increasing 10%. Since the area has been founded, accumulative total area gross value of production is 93.4 billion, 31.5 billion of revenue, about 100 thousands direct employment, 200 supporting enterprises, and 30,000 indirect employment.